SWOT analysis of the town

Strong points:
♦  Existence of several ethnic groups, therefore of various cultures
♦  High degree of tolerance, low level of social conflicts
♦  Low level of unemployment
♦  High percentage of women's inclusion on the labour market- tradition in certain functional specialties which impose and stabilize women as labour force: confections, textiles

♦  Creation of new workplaces by social-economic development of the town
♦  Existence of the financing programmes EU in the field of "Human Ressources" 
♦  Existence of natural touristic resources and niche which shall lead to the development of the agricultural tourism- tourism sector, allowing the creation of new workplaces 
♦  Qualification and re-qualification of the labour force and of unemployed for a greater adaptability to the needs of the labour market 
♦  Encouraging the youngsters to access European funds in order to set up business

Strong points:

♦  Physicians who grant medical assistance 
♦  Existence of non-governmental associations socially involved 
♦  Existence of post-adherence financing programmes

Strong points:

♦  Effective involvement of the community in the administrative management of the teaching establishments 
♦  Continuous education of teaching staff by: completion of studies with post-academic courses, registration to permenant teaching qualifications, courses of continuous profesionnal dvelopment
♦  There are financing programmes of rehabilitation, modernization and endowment of teaching institutions.

Strong points:

♦  There are persons trained in this field.
♦  There are initiatives for projects development 
♦  There are events financed from public funds
♦  There is a collaboration between the Town Cultural Hall and the cultural associations from the town in organization of events 
♦  The existence of the governmental programme national Priority Programme for rehabilitation, cultural infrastructure modernization and the endowment of cultural establishments from the small urban environment. 

Strong points:

♦  Routes between town and belonging villages are ensured by means of transport of low capacity
♦  Existence of neighborhood centers for waste collection 
♦  There is a power supply network
♦  Good collaboration with water- channel operator that is SC Compania de Apă Someş SA Cluj Napoca
♦  Possibility to update the General Urban Plan 
♦  Accesss to external funds for financing the streets rehabilitation and extension and rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage networks 
♦  Possibility to draft up maps and satellite plans (GIS)
♦  Possibility to access urban regeneration funds

Strong points:
♦  Active sector of garments, textiles and wood manufacturing industry
♦  Stable labor force, preponderant feminine, specialized within the sector of garments and light industry.  
♦  Increased touristic potential
♦  Diversification of non -agrarian activities and increase of touristic attraction of the area
♦  Development of an excellence centre in the field of light industry
♦  Increase of direct exports (distancing from lohn system) by encouraging the enterprises to improve in design and retail - development of own brands 
♦  Existence of structural funds for SME
♦  Development of recreation area 

Strong points:

♦  High percentage of active population from the total rural population 
♦  Low price of labor force 
♦  Soil favourable for ecological development without major chemical contaminations. 
♦  Large surfaces of fields and natural hay-fields 
♦  Pedoclimatic conditions favourable for fruit farming and viticulture
♦  Tradition in animals breeding, fruit farming and viticulture
♦  Rural habitats that still preserve the technology and behavior of traditional labor
♦  Existence of an organized framework of agrarian products valorization (agricultural food market) 
♦  Human natural resources, labor and cultural values that favour the ecological agriculture
♦  Utilization market niche of traditional products
♦  Utilization of touristic, agricultural- touristic and recreation potential
♦  Stimulation of associative environment for production and valorization
♦  Contribution of transferred capital in the rural environment by external labor performance

Strong points:

♦  The emphasized insufficient natural advantages can constitute a significant potential of economic development - Natural and cultural potential for special tourism and agro-tourism (fishing lakes, Ţicăului Gorges, wooden churches) 
♦  Existence of accommodation in boarding houses
♦  Development of events and festivals
♦  Development of touristic packages: agrotourism, cultural tourism etc. 
♦  Promotion of the town