Art.85.- (1) The secretary shall carry out, under the terms of the law, the following main duties:
a) participates, compulsorily, in the local council's sittings;
b) coordinates the compartments and the activities of legal character, civil status, tutelary authority and social assistance within the own specialty apparatus of the local council;
c) endorses the draft decisions of the local council, assuming the responsibility for their legality, countersigning the decisions he considers legal;
d) endorses the Mayor's orders for legality;
e) follows up the solving of the correspondence within the legal term;
f) ensures the carrying out of the procedures for convening the local council and the carrying out of secretarial work;
g) prepares the documents to be submitted to the local council's debate;
h) ensures the communication to the interested authorities, institutions and persons of the documents issued by the local council of the mayor, within maximum 10 days, if not otherwise provided by law;
i) ensures the bringing to the public knowledge of the decisions and orders of a normative character;
j) delivers extracts or copies of any documents in the archive of the local council, except for those of secret character, established according to law;
k) authenticates signatures on the documents presented by the parties and confirms the authenticity of the copies with the original documents, under the terms of the law.
(2) The secretary may also coordinate other services of the own specialty apparatus of the local public administration authorities, assigned by the Mayor.
(3) The secretary also carries out other duties stipulated by law or tasks given by the local council or by the Mayor.
Art.86.- The dismissal from office, as well as the disciplinary sanctioning of the secretary shall be done by the prefect, only on the proposal of the local council, adopted by the vote of at least two thirds of the number of councilors in office, following the initiative of the Mayor or of one third of the number of councilors, on the basis of the conclusions resulting from the performance of an administrative investigation.