Culture and educational system

According to legal regulations in force, the educational system passes through a descentralisation phase. This process involves the completion of more steps. The first one would be the restructuring of educational establishments, in order to prepare the new education system finance. Moreover, it was organized the reorganization of Board of Directors from the educational establishments.
Their new component is tripartite:
• Representatives of educational establishments: principals and teaching staff designated by Teacher's Council; the accountant of the establishment
• the representatives of local public authority, of institutions and local organisations
• representatives of parents and students
According to legislation in force, the preuniversity educational system is financed from various sources:
• state budget,
• county budget,
• local budget,
• extra budgetary incomes (donations, sponsorships, contributions) but very few or even non-existent.

The situation of educational system in Cehu Silvaniei town in the school year 2011-2012 is as follows:
• Number of school establishments is of 2 secondary schools with legal personality, in the subsidiary order of Secondary School Andrei Muresanu here being included School with classes I-IV Nadiş, School with classes I-IV Motiş, School with classes I-IV Ulciug; the second secondary school is School Gyulaffy Laszlo; a school group: School Group Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti
• School Group Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti disposes of gymnasium improper for developing sport activities,
• both secondary schools use in common a gymnasium of 50 places built by National Company of Investments
• the endowments from the school establishments are insufficient especially in schools from belonging villages
• Even though in the last 2 years rehabilitation works have been developed in schools by Phare programmes, governmental programmes, not all the problems from the educational infrastructure have been solved, being necessary the continuance of building rehabilitation from the educational system by fund access.
• in the year 2007, the Secondary School with instruction in Hungarian language (actual name Gyulaffy Laszlo) has separated from the secondary school Ady Şincai, teaching spaces allotted to Secondary School Ady Şincai being insufficient for developing educational activities, the extension of body no. 5 being necessary.
• School Group Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti attracts students from the entire area of Codrului, being a recognized teaching establishment, this has benefited in the last years from funds only for the arrangement of sanitary groups being necessary ample rehabilitation works and its endowment.
• in the year 2007 the building of the former boarding house of School Group in which shall operate the School of Arts and Crafts from the School Group Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti has been rehabilitated.
The town of Cehu Silvaniei disposes of a gymnasium with a capacity of 150 places, located at the entrance of the town from Zalău.
The town of Cehu Silvaniei distinguishes as polarizing centre for the cultural life from the area. The most part of cultural activities is administered by:
- Town Culture House
- Town Library
Subordinated to Local Council of Cehu Silvaniei town
The opportunities palette for the town of Cehu Silvaniei as regards culture is limited. There are events of local operators from cultural fields, the cultural events attracted outward the town being sporadic.
In present, there are four nongovernmental organizations with legal personality that activate in the culture field. In 1996 the Cultural Association Tövishát was founded, association that promotes the valorization and the preservation of customs. The Youth Association Berekenye has commenced its activity in 1998, rather serving for the preservation of the folklore heritage, of Hungarian popular dance and promotion of amateur theatre. In 2005 the Cultural Association SILVEST has been founded, association that supports both the cultural manifestations from the area and also promote the Romanian - Belgian friendship relations.
In 2011 has been founded the Cultural Association "Plaiuri Codrenesti", under whose auspices has developed the first edition of Carols Festival in the month of December 2011.
Among the annual cultural manifestations, we mention:
Festivalul Cântecului şi Dansului Codrenesc (Festival of Forest Song and Dance), manifestation that reunites popular dance groups and local vocalists from Codru area.
International camp of Hungarian popular dances, which take place in the month of July.
Amateur Theatre festival for PADIF students, festival that brings together in the town passionates of theatrical art from the area.
Festival of Cehu Silvaniei town where various cultural activities take place.
Festival of Tövishát which take place at the end of August 

Even though the cultural component is very important, the degree of attractiveness of the village being likely to increase for the young population, the adequate infrastructure of the cultural act in rural environment is either insufficient or morally used or damaged. The means by which culture can be induced in the rural environment are community centres, libraries, museums.
From the 4 belonging cities only 2 community centres function, namely in Motiş and Ulciug villages the community centre from Ulciug has been rehabilitated during 2008-2009. In the 2 community centres do not take place cultural activities, being necessary a person responsible with their maintenance and functioning.
The town library disposes of 42.980 volumes and a number of 2.762 readers. Within the library operated from 2008 an internet centre endowed with 8 computers.

Furthermore the Cultural Hall of Cehu Silvaniei Town has benefited in the last years from rehabilitation works, modernization and endowment, still being necessary some rehabilitation works for the exterior of Cultural House.
The situation of cult establishments is the following:
• 2 Catholic churches in Cehu Silvaniei
• 2 Protestant churches in: Cehu Silvaniei and Ulciug
• 5 Orthodox churches in: Cehu Silvaniei, Ulciug, Motiş, Nadiş, Horoatu Cehului
• 2 Adventist churches in: Cehu Silvaniei and Ulciug
• 3 Baptist churches in Cehu Silvaniei
• 2 Jehovah's Witnesses churches: Cehu Silvaniei and Ulciug
• 1 Pentecostal church in Nadiş


Identified issues
- The location whereby the Town Library functions that has as main beneficiaries the inhabitants of Cehu Silvaniei, is unsuitable. 
- In Nadiş village the built of a Cultural Hall is intended
- The lack of a personnel that ensures the maintenance and operation of the Cultural Halls from the villages


For spending the free time by making physical movement, but also for some sport competition, the town of Cehu Silvaniei offers a few possibilities but insufficient however as for their aspect and quality. In public property there is a stadium, the gymnasium of secondary school Ady Şincai and a new gymnasium is under construction with a capacity of 150 places that shall be realized by National Company of Investments.
Children between 10-74 years are trained in sport activities at the Children Club from the town (table tennis, football, Karting, etc)
In 2008 three playing grounds have been disposed in the area of Avram Iancu neighbourhood, 1 Decembrie 1918, Kindergarten no. 1 area and an artesian well from the centre of the town has been put into service, project financed by Fund and Environment Administration in amount of 295.000 RON.

Identified issues
- unsuitable sport centre
- the promotion of attained performances is scanty
- sportsgrounds (basket, football) are scanty
- there isn't any swimming pool, tennis grounds.