Technical-edilitary infrastructure:
The total surface of the administrative territory of the town is 6.777,00 ha from which within the built up area are 897,87 ha and outside the built up area 5.880,13 ha.

Condition of roads and transportations
The town roads have a total length of 44 km (not included the county roads which cross the town) from which 16 km are refurbished and 28 km paved.
The lack of belt way to de-congenstionate the transit flow/ merchandise transportation toward other centers from the region of internal traffic, determines that presently, the transit traffic be performed on the streets of Cehu Silvaniei town (Libertăţii, Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti, Trandafirilor, Borza, Dozsa Gyorgy, Plopilor, Gării), disturbing the town traffic, destroying the buildings and increasing the pollution degree of the town.
The urban transport which makes the connection between the town and the component villages shall be made with private transportation means of low capacity (vans on 16-18 places).
The nearest railway station is Benesat, found at 14km from the town.


Condition of green areas:
Legally, green and recreation areas existent in Cehu Silvaniei town belong to public estate of the town, according to provisions of Law no. 213/1998, and in this context they have been accordingly inventoried and the Romanian Government by Official Journal no. 681 approve it.
Green areas are composed of:
- Parks where trees and ornamental shrubs plantations alternate with turf and flowers, crossed by pedestrian walkway and urban furniture, respectively rest benches, these parks are:
♦ Park from the central area of the town S = 0,25 ha.;
♦ Park in front of "Gh.Pop de Băseşti" School Group boarding house S = 0,25 ha.;
♦ Park in front of "Gh.Pop de Băseşti" School Group S =0,20 ha.;
♦ Park in the enclosure of "Gh.Pop de Băseşti" School Group S = 0,30ha.;
♦ Total parks = 1,00 ha.
- Green area consisting of trees and ornamental shrubs plantations interspersed in turf, located in the central area of the town, along the circulaton paths and in the block of flats areas in total surface of 0,91 ha.
- Recreation areas: stadium area S = 3,3600 ha.
- Dendrologic Park, Castel area S = 4,5 ha.
The total surface of green and recreation areas sums around 9,77 ha. Taking into account that the town without the component villages has around 5500 inhabitants, in these circumstances a surface of 17,8 m² green area is afferent per capita.
Regarding the flora and fauna of scientific interest within our administrative territory along the Sălaj valley, the western area of Nadiş village and the former Agromixt Sălaj farm, have existed approximately 10 ha of hay-field where Fritillaria meleagris grew. Unfortunately this area has much depreciated due to the arrangement and drainage works carried out on Sălaj valley, and by the levelling of the caved ground where Fritillaria meleagris was growing, this has totally disappeared.

Water and sewerage network. Water supply
The total length of water supply pipes is of 18,60 km, the number of the inhabitants connected to the centralised water supply system is of 4.200 inhabitants.
For the realization of balance between the water demands of users and the water sources available rehabilitation works of the water network have been carried out through the programme SAMTID.
The population from the belonging villages Nadiş, Motiş, Ulciug, Horoatu Cehului do not benefit from water supply in centralized system, this ensuring its necessary out of own, individual sources, from underground water sources of low depth (fountains). The water quality from these sources is not monitored according to the legal requirements, the population being from this point of view vulnerable in using water sources of improper quality and without alternative in accidental pollution situations or drought.
At the level of Sălaj county, according to the Development Plan 2007-2013, a main water pipe is about to be carried out, to ensure the water supply of an important number of inhabitants. In order to assure the flow of 460 l/s in any situation and at the quality of drinking water imposed by the norms in force, the solution to uptake the drinking water necessary for Zalău, Jibou, Cehu Silvaniei and Şimleul Silvaniei localities was proposed, from the water supply system of Cluj Napoca municipality that takes over the raw water from the storage lakes Gilău and Someşul Cald and from an underground water source, being able to ensure the water flow necessary for Sălaj County at the quality imposed by norms in force.

Sewerage network:
The town of Cehu Silvaniei is poor equipped as regards the transport and the treatment of waste water.
The total length of sewerage pipes is of 8,6 km, the number of inhabitants connected to the sewerage system is of 2,990.
A lot of streets, although having networks of water distribution, do not have sewerage networks, domestic waste water, being mostly discharged on the soil surface , producing pollution phenomena
Waste water plant from the Cehu Silvaniei uses a procedure type mechanical-biological and has an installed capacity of 50l/s. The total volume of treated waste water discharged from the waste water plant in Sălaj Valley, during the year 2005, was of 534.745, 44 m³ with an annual flow of 16.96 l/s.
In the villages belonging to Cehu Silvaniei town there isn't any sewerage network.

Thermal energy supply of the town of Cehu Silvaniei
Presently the inhabitants of Cehu Silvaniei town do not have available an autonomous heating system. The heating source is assured by the network of natural gas (autonomous heating station) and heating with solid fuel-wood.

Waste management:
The town of Cehu Silvaniei benefit from the services of salubrity company SC AVE Salaj SRL, which collects the waste from the population and the domestic waste from the companies.Since 2007 it has been extended the collection of domestic waste and in those 4 belonging villages, each household being equipped with bins.
In the town of Cehu Silvaniei there are 13 waste collection points, PETs, paper and glass being separately collected.
Street waste and that coming from markets and green areas is collected by salubrity services subordinated to the Town Hall.
Waste storage facility from Cehu Silvaniei is a non-ecological one; its closure shall be done until 2016. It is provided the construction of a waste transfer plant.