Cehu Silvaniei town is located in the north-west of the country, in the northern part of Sălaj county, having as neighbours:
• commune Sălăţig in South,
• commune Hodod in West,
• commune Benesat in East,
• commune Someş Uileac in North.

Cehu Silvaniei town, situated 34 km to Zalău, together with the four component localities - Horoatu Cehului, Motiş, Nadiş and Ulciug, forms an administrative unit with a total surface of 67,77 km², geographically located at the contact of Sălaj Depression and Sălaj Peak with Guruslău Depression, in the hydrographic basin of Sălaj river.


Territorial and administrative division Cehu Silvaniei is composed of:
- Cehu Silvaniei town - administrative centre - inclusively Colonia Poiana
- Component localities: villages Ulciug, Nadiş, Motiş and Horoatu Cehului.


Cehu Silvaniei town has seven road penetrations of which four are corresponding to two county roads, the rest of three being communal roads, as it follows:
- DJ 108D, from Zalău enters in the locality from the south-west
- DJ 108D, from Baia Mare, from north-west;
- DJ 108T Cehu Silvaniei- Ulmeni by Ulciug
- DJ 196, from Satu Mare, direction west;
- DJ 196, from Benesat, from east direction.
- DC 12, from Ulmeni from north;
- DC 16, from Nadiş, in the southern part of the town
- DC 10, from Bicaz, from north-west direction
The nearest airports are in Baia Mare - 60 km, Satu Mare - 80 km, Cluj-Napoca - 120 km.
The connection with the nearby cities is made through county roads DJ 108D and DJ 196. The closest railway station is Benesat at 14 km from the town.


According to data available at County Department of Statistics, in 2004, the town of Cehu Silvaniei had a population of 8.008 people of which 3816 men and 4192 women.
Stable population on localities - Cehu Silvaniei 5404 inhabitants
                                                - Horoatu Cehului 222 inhabitants 
                                                - Motiş 756 inhabitants 
                                                - Nadiş 591 inhabitants 
                                                - Ulciug 1035 inhabitants

From ethnical point of view, according to data from population census, the population had the following structure :
• Romanians - 3794 persons
• Hungarians - 3964 persons
• Gipsies - 237 persons
• Ukrainian - 2 persons
• Germans - 9 persons
• Other ethnic groups - 2 persons

Structure of the population on confessions:
• Orthodox 3852 persons
• Catholics 346 persons
• Baptist 62 persons
• Pentecostal 29 persons
• Protestants 3492 persons
• Adventists 41 persons
• Other religions 180 persons
• Non - declared 4 persons
• Atheist 2 persons