Health and social protection

In Cehu Silvaniei town, health protection is assured by the health network composed of units that activate in public system and those that operate in the private system, the primary medical assistance developing in public system.
The proper infrastructure in assuring services of medical assistance is organized as follows:
- medical consulting rooms of family practice: 4
- school medical centre: 1
- dental consulting rooms: 2
- specialty consulting rooms: 2
- drug stores: 2
- medical laboratories: 2 of which one is private and the other one is public

• Within the field of hospital assistance:
- Centre of Cehu Silvaniei Medical Permanence

In 2011 the hospital has been abolished and in its place has been founded the Cehu Silvaniei Elder Persons Care

In Cehu Silvaniei Town operate public services of social assistance, by which social services with primary character (information, guidance and monitoring activity, social services, compensations, benefits, salaries for personal assistants, support grants) are made available, and have as purpose the decrease/limitation of some difficulty or vulnerability situations that may lead to marginalization or social exclusion. The number of social assistants is of 27 persons.
Non governmental organizations with activity in the field of social protection:
1. Rainbow Foundation, having as scope of activity elder persons care,
2. Down Syndrome Foundation, having as scope of activity disabled care
In the town of Cehu Silvaniei operates an asylum for elder persons, administered by Rainbow foundation.

Within the field of child protection, in the town operated a residential institution for children, namely Complex of Cehu Silvaniei Community Services, institution subordinated to Sălaj County Council - DGASPC.
Profile services׃
- Modules family type (92 beneficiaries)
- Houses family type (22 beneficiaries)
- Foster care
- Emergency foster care centre
- Day centre
- Centre for parents guide and support
- Service of youth assistance and support in the preparation of social - professional integration