Among the touristic objectives that can be visited in Cehu Silvaniei there are historical and architectural monuments and natural reserves present in this habitat. And here we mention:
♦ Natural reserve "Lunca cu lalea pestriţă", Protestant Church (1519)
♦ Wooden church "Sfinţii Arhangheli" ( XVII century)
♦ Wooden church "Sfinţii Arhangheli" (1738) from Nadiş
♦ Wooden church "Adormirea Maicii Domnului" (1781) from Ulciug
♦ Wooden church "Sfinţii Arhangheli" (1749) from Horoatu Cehului.

Furthermore, Codru area wherefore Cehu Silvaniei town is the development pole disposes of a special natural and cultural potential for tourism and agro-tourism (fishing lakes from Benesat, Cehu Silvaniei, Motiş, Ariniş, Sălăţig, Strâmtorile Ţicăului)

As accommodations there are two agrotouristic boarding houses: Panorama boarding house with a capacity of 20 places and a restaurant of 150 places and Aramis boarding house.

Due to the adjacent surroundings to the locality, like fishing lakes, Ţicăului Gorges, Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti memorial house, wooden churches, due to the area cynegetic potential an initiation project of promoting the tourism in Codru area is desired, and the town of Cehu Silvaniei to be a touristic centre of the above mentioned area.